Baseball America introduces PROSPECTS PLUS, the nation's leading high school and college baseball scouting service. Prospects Plus has provided comprehensive biographical and scouting information on the nation's top amateur prospects for seven years, and with a larger staff of evaluators, including contributions from Area Code Games, Baseball Factory and others, the industry's most respected and popular service of its kind is more comprehensive than ever.

Whether you're a scout, agent, college coach, summer league coach, player or parent, Prospects Plus is your source for information you can't get anywhere else. Our experts attend the top tournaments, showcases as well as high school games year-round to see all the top prospects, and we follow them from their freshman year in high school all the way up to the draft. We scout them, grade them and rank them, and we make it easy for scouts and recruiters to learn about their background and, most importantly, contact them and their coaches directly.

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Prospects Plus is available in two forms: a premium scouting service (Level A), and the standard service (Level B). With both you'll get extensive, exclusive rankings on the top players in the draft classes of 2006-2017. The premium service also includes biographical sketches and contact information on hundreds of the nation's top high school players.

As we have done for the past six years, valuable content such as state-by-state high school player rankings, showcase recaps, college rankings and more will continue to be updated at least every two months. The online format allows you to make copies of any of the information from any computer--all you need is your password and an internet connection!

PROSPECTS PLUS LEVEL A (PREMIUM) . . . The premium service is for industry insiders. It features a complete scouting database with comprehensive biographical sketches and contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses as well as scouting reports on thousands of high school players, with a focus on the upcoming draft class. You'll get lists and rankings of all the top college and high school players in the draft classes of 2006-2017 broken down nationally, by state, position, graduation year and more. Information will be updated continually. Your subscription will run for 12 months beginning when you sign up for $395.

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PROSPECTS PLUS LEVEL B (STANDARD) . . . This is the service for prospects, parents and fans and features full access to the scouting reports in our database. You'll also get comprehensive lists and rankings of all the top college and high school players in the upcoming draft classes, broken down nationally, by state and by position. As with the premium service, you'll find detailed scouting reports on prospects' performances at high school games, workouts, showcases and other tournaments throughout the year. Your subscription runs for 12 months beginning when you sign up for $120.

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